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A resident of Maharashtra’s Jategaon village, Meenakshi Sonkatare used to earn just Rs. 3000 per month as a schoolteacher. Exposed to online educational content via Internet Saathi, she taught herself the craft of cloth quilting. Today, Meenakshi’s cloth quilting business, the only such local enterprise, is helping her earn up to Rs. 8000 a month. Today the highest earner in her family, she also plays a key role in household financial decision-making. She has also tutored community women to use the internet effectively, transforming them into budding entrepreneurs.

Before Internet Saathi came to her village in Andhra Pradesh, Suguna had never operated a smartphone or used the internet. After becoming digitally abled via the program, she also became financially independent, earning Rs. 15,000 a month as a Banking Correspondent for Andhra Bank. She has trained around 10 women in her community in crafts like threadwork and tailoring, along with helping them discover new designs online.

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