Our Team

  • All FRENDs
  • Chief Internet Saathi
  • Board of Directors
  • Our Advisors
  • HR / Finance
  • Operations
  • Partnerships
  • Product

We are a diverse and vibrant team having one thing in common - our vision and passion to drive progress in rural India through working on ideas how to generate digital livelihood opportunities everyday.

Our Board of Directors are the force that drives the vision and direction of the company. They guide and support the leaders towards achieving our mission.

Our advisors are our guides and mentors, supporting the organisation in achieving our vision.

To ensure donor projects are executed on time and maintain stringent quality of delivery our Operations Team is working with multiple on-ground implementation partners. Together, we engage with a reliable and empowered network of -Saathis- across rural villages in India.

Working diligently behind the scenes, we have our HR & Finance Team ensuring that all the administrative and finance requirements are being taken care of.

Our Partnerships Team is continuously looking for new partnerships with other like-minded not-for-profit organisations, public sector and private sector companies to achieve our goal of empowering women in rural India by bringing digital livelihood opportunities to them.

Our Product Team works along with other internal FRENDs as well as external partners to take technology to rural India.

Our Chief Internet Saathi keeps herself busy working across teams to drive the vision and direction for the organisation with a focus on creating maximum impact for women across Rural India.

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