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Printer Ajivika Yojna

Enabling access to low-cost printing facilities in rural India

As a first business in a box model created by FREND, the Printer Ajivika Yojna helps the digitally skilled women in Rural India to earn a livelihood by providing low cost printing services within their villages.

The Printer Ajivika Yojna was piloted initially in Andhra Pradesh. By enabling access to low-cost printing facilities in rural areas, it has created a group of rural women entrepreneurs. Through this program, local communities now have access to printing facilities in their areas. There are currently over 1200 Internet Saathis earning a livelihood through this model.


Villagers save walking 10 - 15km just to get a printout

Changed the lives of 1200 Saathis in

12 states impacted

Generated monthly income of 1,500 INR for participating women

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