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UNICEF Smart Betiyan

Stepping in against child marriage

FREND has collaborated with UNICEF to create advocates against child marriage using the digitally skilled Saathis. Under the Smart Betiyan initiative, the Saathis undergo a 4 days training session where they were trained about creating awareness around the harmful effects of child marriage and on creating video stories of positive deviants within their communities using their smartphone devices. Post getting trained, each Saathi mentors two groups of 5 adolescent girls by passing on their knowledge and skills to these adolescents. Together they identify positive community stories, shoot a video and publish it to amplify the voice against child marriage.


150 Saathis have been trained

1,500 adolescent girls have been trained to identify positive deviants

105 powerful, inspirational stories of villagers brought together

4.5 million video view amounts estimated

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